Date: 2013-01-02 08:11 pm (UTC)
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I am not an experienced baker, but my guess would be that what the sugar does for you the long rising time does for me - essentially, that the sugar + frothing up the yeast beforehand sort of kick-starts it, whereas I let the yeast rest for ages so that it feeds on the flour. Both ways seem reasonable! I like it this way, though, because I actually find it really helpful to have a day in between dough prep and baking: if I have to do everything in one day that often ends up being too spoon-consumptive, but one of dough prep/baking bread is okay to fit in most days. The main issue is that there's some degree of planning involved in making sure I start the dough before I need the bread and that I have time to bake the next day, but it's still better than trying to do each after the other. I would still be totally curious to see your recipe, though! :)

I hear you on the no-knead recipes that are super-super complicated. This is genuinely "toss together dough, let rise, shove in oven" but as said I ended up shaving off some things from the original recipe which I didn't think necessary. Surely the point of no-knead bread is that it's easy to make?

I also hear you on frothing to make sure the yeast's alive - so far it's not been an issue, but I bake bagels with my dad at Christmas and we have had sooo many problems in the past with dead yeast. If I start having difficulty with the bread, I'll probably do the same, but so far it's been okay.
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