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I just made this recipe for Oatmeal Crisps more or less

Pros:  Simple recipe.  Easy to mix (I don't use an electric mixer and it was easy with a whisk and wooden spoon).  Yummy
Cons:  Hot baking sheets

Tips and Tricks
I didn't grind the oatmeal.  Grinding 3 c. of oatmeal definitely fell into my "yeah, right, in your dreams" category.  I think grinding would have made them crispier but I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not grinding.
If you use parchment paper, you can slide the paper with the cookies still on top from the cookie sheet onto the counter for cooling.  Save a spoon. 
I think part of why it was so easy to mix was I let the margarine get really soft.
If you need to put the batter in the fridge for later, definitely let it sit out until it is back at room temperature before trying to spoon it out. 

ETA:  Also, even though you flatten the dough before baking, they will still expand in the oven.  Allow some room for that.
ETA2:  It may just be that these are addictive.  I cannot stop eating them.
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Since I can't sleep, let me tell share a few things with you all : ) And btw, these are dishes which I find easy in terms of speed, simplicity, accommodating limited mental spoons - not necessarily great for manual dexterity issues, maybe they are, I just know that these recipes work for me. Mostly, they require some rough measuring and I suggest shiitake mushrooms as optional ingredients a couple times - they're not the easiest thing to cut.

1) Rice cookers! Possibly many of you know about these already, but for those who don't, the great thing about rice cookers is that you put in the rice, you put in the water, you turn it on, it cooks, it turns off automatically, and keeps it warm. On bad days, I've put the rice on, stumbled back to bed, and when I got up there was hot food for me to eat.

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2) I tried one of the recipes from the Stone Soup cookbook which [personal profile] rydra_wong linked to a little while ago: the simple soba noodle soup with bok choy (page 21). Read more... )

3) Green beans and cashews )

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I love this recipe for No-Knead Bread

Pros:  Lack of kneading saves spoons.  Long rise allows for flexibility to accommodate high vs. low-energy moments.  Prep time is quick and easy.
Cons:  Heavy lifting.  (I can use a Pyrex dish during the winter when the rise isn't as great but in the summer I have to use cast-iron in order for the dough to fit.)  If you want bread on Tuesday, you have to start it on Monday.

I love that I can make organic bread for less than US$1 a loaf without too much muss or fuss. 

If your bread is gummy, baking it at a slightly lower temperature for a longer period of time and then letting it sit for at least 30 minutes once it's done baking should solve the problem.  
You can do all of the steps in a large bowl to avoid scrubbing counters.  Just flour the bottom of the bowl for the 2nd and 3rd stages.
You can extend the initial rise by sticking the dough in the refrigerator then pulling it out for a few hours until it is appropriately bubbly before moving on to step 2. 
If you live someplace with low humidity, add plastic wrap to the top of the bowl before covering it with a tea towel.

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This one only makes two or three servings, but it's a favourite of mine for cooking up for lunch on one day and saving for lunch and/or snacks the next day. Also makes a great low-energy dinner. It was invented by a friend of a former housemate, so all due credit to former housemate's friend. (Re-post from [community profile] batchlunch)

Pros: It's FAST (total cooking time - as long as it takes to cook spaghetti); simple; low on chopping; dairy-free and vegetarian unless you add the optional meat ingredients.
Cons: Requires manual dexterity to scoop out an avocado, lifting pots and water to cook spaghetti; optional ingredients all require a more fiddling around.

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