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*waves* Hi community! I'm looking for advice on how to fit moar sodium into my diet. I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and one of the most helpful things for me not falling down and feeling super dizzy is to eat 3-4 grams of sodium per day.

  • As I grew up in a household that cooked a very low sodium diet, my palate is adjusted to eating about 1.5 grams of sodium per day. I am used to not salting anything in my cooking, and basically added salt usually tastes gross except for in specific contexts where I'm used to it (e.g. soy sauce with sushi, olives, etc.).
  • The last time I did much (any) cooking was December, right when I was comfort cooking because my dog died. And then I got food poisoning (long story), had to go to the ER four times, and saga that lasted til early February.
  • I have been wanting to go vegetarian, or at least less meat-consuming, but this is hard to do with other concerns. Also, salted meat (like jerky or salami) is an easy way to get lots of salt.
  • My appetite is just...terribad. I'm not sure exactly why, if it's the POTS (which can impact appetite) or something else, but anyway. Eating more sodium will help with the POTS which will probably help with my appetite long term, but short term it is *very* hard to find anything with sodium I want to put in my mouth and chew and swallow. Or if I do, it's either potato chips (unsustainable) or the next day I no longer want to eat whatever I just ate.
  • My partner has threatened to make me drink soy sauce or some horrible soy-miso concoction every day if I don't come up with some recipes or at least snacks I will eat regularly so that I get enough sodium.

With that being said, does anyone have any suggestions for SUPER EASY for someone with about zero energy recipes/mixes with salt (or where salt could be added without grossness) and/or easy snacks that are prepackaged but not full of preservatives or what have you that I can grab'n'go that will also help add salt to my diet?
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