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...or at least of few spoons. I have no real appetite (thankfully not one of the side effects I get from prednisone) but no spoons to spare, either. This totally rocks if you have a freezer for keeping 'semi-prepped' ingredients.

diced potato; raw or blanched (I keep a bag in the freezer, suitable for roasting or frying or...)
raw fingerling potatoes work fine as is, the red roasting potato (I have no idea the UK/European counterpart) gets diced then blanched briefly. Slicing with a food processor works also, but I like the chunky texture.

Ham scraps; could use bacon, leftover fowl... diced or torn in small pieces

Eggs; (I use two) lightly scrambled with a small amount of cold water

Cheese; whatever you like that grates or crumbles

Butter a small bowl or casserole. (searches mind for the right name for the crockery I'm thinking of -- I knew it once, I swear!) Can also be done in a small saute' on stovetop.
Add potatoes, 3/4 to 1 cup, salt and pepper as desired. Micro for 3 minutes. Saute' on med-high, turning for even browning.
Add eggs and meat, scrambling through. Top with cheese. Cover with parchment or usual anti-spatter cover. Micro for 2-2 1/2 minutes. On stovetop scramble eggs and meat with potato until egg begins to set, then add cheese. Enjoy!

Cons; requires some knife work, assumes access to fully cooked meat products.
Pro; protein dense, takes less time to make than it took me to type it - by far :-/

(the rest of the Breakfast of Doom was house blended Cinnamon/Vanilla Black Tea)

Generic handy tip - which may have come up here before I joined the community, but...
Adding cheese at or near the end of cooking reduces the likelihood of very firmly melting to pot, so cleanup is easier.


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