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This is from the Cooking For People Who Don't carnival. It's a rice noodle and egg soup that is gluten-free and can be modified to be veggie/entirely vegan. (So, basically like a slightly more sophisticated version of ramen noodles with an egg cracked in...) It's really low-spoons. Recipe is written for total beginners.

time: 2 minutes pouring broth and assorted other things into a pot and giving it a good stir/turning the burner on
about 15-20 minutes while it gets good and heated and boiling [you can go do other things during this time]
about 8 minutes of noodles cooking (and if you're adding eggs, stirring eggs during this time)
about 3-4 minutes of adding eggs and letting them cook through
total time: 28-34 minutes if recipe isn't modified, of which 15-20 minutes can be spent elsewhere, so a total of 13-14 minutes spent at stove (spaced out)

spoons: (without recipe modification) lifting a soup pot onto the stove, putting things into it, stirring to combine ingredients for broth, stirring occasionally when noodles are added, stirring eggs together, having the coordination to pour eggs into the pot with one hand while stirring the pot with the other

ingredients: broth (chicken or veggie), rice noodles, flavorings for the broth (I use ginger paste, black pepper, sriracha sauce, powdered mustard and gluten-free soy sauce but these are just suggestions!), eggs (could be optional or replaced with chopped tofu)

cooking implements: (without recipe modification) soup pot, large spoon to stir/serve soup with, small bowl for egg whipping, something to whip the eggs with, a small spoon if you're trying to get ginger paste out of a jar or alternately a knife and cutting board/maybe a microplane grater if you're being fancy and using fresh ginger root?

nom nom nom, recipe mods added as we go )

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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...or at least of few spoons. I have no real appetite (thankfully not one of the side effects I get from prednisone) but no spoons to spare, either. This totally rocks if you have a freezer for keeping 'semi-prepped' ingredients.

diced potato; raw or blanched (I keep a bag in the freezer, suitable for roasting or frying or...)
raw fingerling potatoes work fine as is, the red roasting potato (I have no idea the UK/European counterpart) gets diced then blanched briefly. Slicing with a food processor works also, but I like the chunky texture.

Ham scraps; could use bacon, leftover fowl... diced or torn in small pieces

Eggs; (I use two) lightly scrambled with a small amount of cold water

Cheese; whatever you like that grates or crumbles

Butter a small bowl or casserole. (searches mind for the right name for the crockery I'm thinking of -- I knew it once, I swear!) Can also be done in a small saute' on stovetop.
Add potatoes, 3/4 to 1 cup, salt and pepper as desired. Micro for 3 minutes. Saute' on med-high, turning for even browning.
Add eggs and meat, scrambling through. Top with cheese. Cover with parchment or usual anti-spatter cover. Micro for 2-2 1/2 minutes. On stovetop scramble eggs and meat with potato until egg begins to set, then add cheese. Enjoy!

Cons; requires some knife work, assumes access to fully cooked meat products.
Pro; protein dense, takes less time to make than it took me to type it - by far :-/

(the rest of the Breakfast of Doom was house blended Cinnamon/Vanilla Black Tea)

Generic handy tip - which may have come up here before I joined the community, but...
Adding cheese at or near the end of cooking reduces the likelihood of very firmly melting to pot, so cleanup is easier.
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This is a throw-together recipe that I made today with the what's-in-my-kitchen method of cooking. It was easy, fast and required just a bit of manual dexterity.
Super-easy Veggie Egg Sandwich )

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First post, hope I'm doing it right:). I've got ridiculous insulin levels and various associated illnesses, so I've got to keep my carbs in check. But sometimes it's just too much effort to even fry stuff. I can always grab veggies from the fridge, but the meat is a bit trickier if I don't want to live on just slices of ham. So the microwave is a faster option. Here's a list of a couple of microwaved or otherwise fast proteiny things I've tried with my veggies with a fair amount of success.

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I'll add more when I can remember them. Hope these will come in handy for someone at least:)


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