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I don't know if you're all aware that it's possible to make peanut butter cookies with just three ingredients. Until recently I wasn't, so I thought I'd spread the knowledge. These are the easiest cookies I have ever tried to make. I was afraid I wouldn't like them because I'm not really a fan of plain old peanut butter in general, but they pleasantly surprised me.

The three ingredients are:

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

(I chose to use an entire (350g) jar of PB, which I estimated was more than a cup, then filled the empty jar with sugar to get the same amount again and added a second egg. Incidentally, this resulted in just enough dough to fill my whole cookie sheet.)

Instructions )

Needless to say, this is not a low-cal or low-anything snack. That's why I like them. Once I've made a batch, I don't need to worry about getting enough food inside me for several days because I've got these cookies to fall back on if all else fails. They seem to keep well: even when I just left them lying around on a plate, they still tasted good three days later.
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I just made this recipe for Oatmeal Crisps more or less

Pros:  Simple recipe.  Easy to mix (I don't use an electric mixer and it was easy with a whisk and wooden spoon).  Yummy
Cons:  Hot baking sheets

Tips and Tricks
I didn't grind the oatmeal.  Grinding 3 c. of oatmeal definitely fell into my "yeah, right, in your dreams" category.  I think grinding would have made them crispier but I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not grinding.
If you use parchment paper, you can slide the paper with the cookies still on top from the cookie sheet onto the counter for cooling.  Save a spoon. 
I think part of why it was so easy to mix was I let the margarine get really soft.
If you need to put the batter in the fridge for later, definitely let it sit out until it is back at room temperature before trying to spoon it out. 

ETA:  Also, even though you flatten the dough before baking, they will still expand in the oven.  Allow some room for that.
ETA2:  It may just be that these are addictive.  I cannot stop eating them.


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