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A comment [personal profile] axelrod made in an earlier post struck a note with me: rice cookers are awesome because you put ingredients in, can go back to bed and wake up to hot food waiting for you.

For the same reason, I love my slow cooker. I appreciate something that lets me make even complex meals with no tending, just prep and go.

I've also been recently reminded that a good knife makes prep work so much easier. (I now really grok why chefs will use anyone's pans, pots and appliances but carry their own knives with them.) With arthritic hands, I am far more capable of doing cutting/chopping prep work with a good knife that fits my hand and has a good sharp edge on it than I was with a drawer full of mediocre knives.

Our focus thus far has largely been on recipes, but I'm curious what tools, appliances and "hardware" are important parts of your kitchen arsenal?
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Since I can't sleep, let me tell share a few things with you all : ) And btw, these are dishes which I find easy in terms of speed, simplicity, accommodating limited mental spoons - not necessarily great for manual dexterity issues, maybe they are, I just know that these recipes work for me. Mostly, they require some rough measuring and I suggest shiitake mushrooms as optional ingredients a couple times - they're not the easiest thing to cut.

1) Rice cookers! Possibly many of you know about these already, but for those who don't, the great thing about rice cookers is that you put in the rice, you put in the water, you turn it on, it cooks, it turns off automatically, and keeps it warm. On bad days, I've put the rice on, stumbled back to bed, and when I got up there was hot food for me to eat.

Read more... )

2) I tried one of the recipes from the Stone Soup cookbook which [personal profile] rydra_wong linked to a little while ago: the simple soba noodle soup with bok choy (page 21). Read more... )

3) Green beans and cashews )

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