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The post by mathnerd about cooking pasta in the microwave reminded me of my microwave porridge recipe. I don't use it anymore, because I can't stomach oats, but hopefully it will be useful for others!

ingredients - oats, water.
equipment - microwave, microwaveable pot/jug (I use a 4L pyrex jug with nice chunky handle), spoon.

  • quick - less than 10 minutes if you can do it without forgetting it is there.
  • good for those with attention issues - you can afford to forget and come back.
  • childsafe - my microwave is set on a low table, and the then 4 yr old could make it without mishap.
  • oats digest reasonably quickly, so it is good when blood sugar goes wrong
  • carrying the pot may require two hands (I wouldn't lift it with one, but then I have a tendency to unexpectedly drop things)
  • needs stirring multiple times, which may require moving pot out of the microwave
  • needs a large pot or it boils over and then sets like concrete.

take one part 'quick cook oats' to two parts water - I recommend 1/2 a cup oats to 1 cup water for two average adults for breakfast. For a family of 5, we used to use 16 fluid ounces of oats to twice that of water, but this is because eldest just eats until it is all gone, and this was how much we needed to ensure ze wasn't grouchy.

put oats and water in pot. If you have time, or get distracted, leave to soak. this can be hours - no harm will come. put pot in microwave. cook for 2-3 mins (this is to heat the water). Stir. cook for a minute. Stir. Repeat last two until you like the texture (forgetting to come back and check just means that you need to do this more times). Wait to cool, eat.

I've never tried this with milk, but I know that other people believe that porridge should be made with milk. We pour the milk on afterwards, so it wasn't a problem. We've added bits of fruit, dried fruit, and cooked it exactly the same way. We've used rolled oats when we didn't have quick cook oats, and they take longer, and the texture isn't as smooth.


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