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We have an electric pressure cooker; for a variety of reasons, it replaced my beloved rice cooker, and earned the nickname The Circus. The Circus gets used when I can't remember that we need a meal or when no one can stand upright to deal with the stove; I'm eventually going to use it to make cheesecake, and it will be fantastic.

The Circus is great for my household's particular brand of disabilities; it weighs a decent amount, but the pot itself doesn't, and if we had the counter space, it could happily live on the counter and not have to be moved around at all. It requires no standing and poking at it, and it cooks a variety of meals with very little thought.

Last night, I came home having forgotten it was my night, spiking toward braindead from pain, and stared in horror. Ran up to the store half a block away, bought pre-cut vegetables and beef, and ran back home to make the following:

I threw the following into the Circus:

Two pounds stew meat
One large container of pre-cut stew-vegetables
A quarter of a small container of pre-cut red onion
Some carrot chips
Two cups of rice
Two cups of water
Enough coconut milk to cover everything in the Circus
Some rosemary
Some hyssop

I then let it go for 20 minutes on the meat setting.

Approximately 35 minutes after I started the process, we had dinner.

Next time, it needs salt in the cooking process. Also, it likes cheese.

But, seriously, I cannot extol the virtues of electric pressure cookers nearly enough. The Circus is worth its pricetag and then some.

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