Oct. 10th, 2010

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This is a throw-together recipe that I made today with the what's-in-my-kitchen method of cooking. It was easy, fast and required just a bit of manual dexterity.
Super-easy Veggie Egg Sandwich )

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X-posted from my own journal and [community profile] boilingwater. This salad is cheerful and mildly sweet and healthy. This was maybe more delicious the second day, but the broccoli was not as brilliant green, more subdued/yellower, but still attractive.

You will need: to use scissors and/or a paring knife; measuring cups for liquids; to boil 2-4 liters of water; lift that pot and pour the water over the broccoli and cranberries; lift and drain the bowl of blanched ingredients; empty the drained ingredients onto a tray to dry.

recipe follows, also photographs )

Some alterations:
* Use a bag of "broccoli slaw" mix from the grocery store, blanch for only one minute.
* Steam vegetables and cranberries together in microwave with a little water & a cover, stirring every 30 seconds on high until the vegetables are tender and crispy (maybe 2 minutes).
* Use a pre-made dressing.
* Substitute green beans or grated/chopped carrots for the broccoli.
* Use diced apples instead of the cranberries.
* Use a food processor to cut broccoli & avoid peeling the stems -- process stems and florets separately.


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